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NetWalk, also known as NetWalk Game or NetWalk Puzzle, is a logic puzzle game that involves connecting a network of terminals to a server. The objective is to untangle the network by rotating tiles to create a continuous path between all the terminals and the server.

Rotate the grid squares so that they all join up into a single connected network with no loops.

Left-click in a square to rotate it anticlockwise. Right-click to rotate it clockwise. Middle-click to lock a square once you think it is correct (so you don't accidentally rotate it again); do the same again to unlock it if you change your mind.

Squares connected to the middle square are lit up. Aim to light up every square in the grid (not just the endpoint blobs).

When this gets too easy, select a 'wrapping' variant from the Type menu to enable grid lines to run off one edge of the playing area and come back on the opposite edge!

Courtesy of Simon Tatham's Puzzle Collection via the MIT license.

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