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Decimal Rounding

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Round these numbers to the precision shown. Round halfway numbers up. You may use the TAB key to move to the next question. When you are done, click Submit.

  1. 54.242 to the nearest 0.01:
  2. 73.168 to the nearest 0.1:
  3. 26.216 to the nearest 1:
  4. 18.104 to the nearest 0.01:
  5. 72.226 to the nearest 0.01:
  6. 75.295 to the nearest 1:
  7. 89.322 to the nearest 1:
  8. 57.672 to the nearest 0.01:
  9. 75.341 to the nearest 0.01:
  10. 72.35 to the nearest 0.01:

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